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  • Free Joomla 2.5 Template - webX

    Joomla 1.7/2.5 template #4-23We have fixed all known bugs in this template and we have added the most asked for feature, the slideshow only on homepage or sitewide feature. No other free joomla template has so many functions as this one.

  • Free Joomla 3.x Templates - Download Free Themes

    Joomla 3.x template #12-179Best Joomla 3.3 Template available for free on the internet. It has a slideshow, many module positions and many functions.

  • Joomla 2.5 template for free - ecoPlanet

    Joomla 2.5 template for free Joomla 1.7/2.5 template #3-39 Environmental protection is becoming a more and more important topic. If you care about the environment or if you simply need a professional joomla 2.5 template for free, then click the...

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  • Joomla 3.x Education Template

    Joomla 3.x Education Template Joomla 3.x template #10-132 School and Education Template for Joomla 3.x. Works with all recent version and has some great features: slideshow, custom modules...

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    Home » Joomla 2.5 Themes If you already know the countless benefits of owning a Joomla website, you are probably looking for the right place for Joomla 2.5 themes. Well, we present you our colorful impression-making great themes: Rock...

  • Joomla 2.5. Theme installation - Template Monster Help

    you can now use the K2 commenting system with corresponding modules Joomla theme now requires Gantry Framework and has various features that are controlled by Joomla administration panel Please note: for the correct work of Joomla theme it is vitall...

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    The basics of Joomla and Joomla templatesLet’s start with the basics: what is Joomla? Joomla is an award-winning content management system trusted by millions worldwide. It helps you build, manage, and publish your content online. It’s used to crea...